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All About 3D TV

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March 4th, 2015

all about 3d tv

You’ve heard all about them in the commercials and from your friends, but what are 3D TVs and what are they all about? Not everyone prefers them, but these televisions have swept the market. Here’s everything you need to know about them, so that if you decide to purchase one, you can purchase it with confidence!

First of all, a 3D movie is a film that was actually filmed by two separate cameras. The perspective of the cameras are there to mimic the perspectives that differ between our right and left eye. Each manufacturers takes a different approach when they produce their models. These TVs can be either Active, or Passive, though the basic concept behind all of them operate on creating a right and left version of the film on screen. What makes that difficult, is making sure that the right images are getting to the correct eyes. That is why we need 3D glasses.

All TVs on the market right now require the viewers to wear glasses in order to experience the 3D effects. A few years ago, the only 3D TVs on the market required you to use battery powered glasses to make them Active. These glasses had lenses that would alternate between block the left and right eye in sync with your 3D television. This way, only your right eye sees the image on the right and your left eye see the image on the left. This is much more sophisticated that the blue and red glasses they hand out at the movie theater (which is also why they are significantly more expensive).

The movie theater glasses are what is considered Passive. For passive 3D viewing, the TV itself will be doing a majority of the work. Two images are being displayed like the active glasses, but there is also a special coating on the screen of the TV that works with the polarized glasses. This is what creates the 3D effect. Unlike the sometimes annoying flicker of Active 3D glasses, these provide a crisp and bright image. It’s less sensitive to motion and the consumers angle of viewing, making it a bit easier to enjoy. Not to mention, these require no batteries, so they are also lightweight and nearly identical to the ones you get at the movies.

Regardless of whether the 3D televisions (and matching glasses) are passive or active, your brain is what combines the right and left images. Our minds create a single, seamless viewing just like it does every day when you walk around. If you go to a 3D movie, and wish every experience could be like that, then buying a 3D TV is probably right up your alley. Again, even though not every movie is provided in 3D, there are TV models that can convert the 2D image into a 3D experience, or simply just let you watch 2D. Considering the sophisticated technology and responsive screen required for 3D films, many manufacturers will tell you that these TVs also have the best 2D view experience on the market.


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