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Google Develops ‘Common-Sense’ AI Engine

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June 21st, 2016

ai2Google is currently expanding its efforts to develop artificial intelligence using a new European research center that is dedicated to advancing computing technology.

The research center is based in Zurich and the team associated with advancing AI initiatives will be focusing on three major arenas: machine learning, natural language understanding and general computer perception. According to Emmanuel Mogenet, who has been assigned to be the head of the unit, said that the research will be focused on teaching machines “common sense.”

According to Mogenet, there will be “no limit” on how big the team becomes.

“We are very ambitious in terms of growth,” Mogenet continued. “The only limiting factor will be talent.”

Machine learning has been called the “secret sauce” in Google products, allowing the tech mogul to excel in services involving internet searches, spam filters, translation and content removal. Newer products engineered with machine learning include virtual helper Google Assistant messaging app Allo and even self-driving cars.

“We are on the brink of a brand new era of computing,” Mogenet announced to a group of journalists. The key focus will set “common sense” as its target.

google android“A four-year-old child learns about the world through their senses so they know that cows don’t fly without being told this. Computers need to understand some obvious things about the world so we want to build a common-sense database.”

A second key focus will include improving human/machine dialogue:

“Google has always been in the business of natural language because that is how people search but we have never really understood the question. We have just matched keywords with content and rank that content smartly,” Mogonet stated.

“The next stage is to truly understand what people are asking,” he continued. That means researchers will have to try to figure out “how machines learn and why deep learning works so well.”

Deep learning is such a new technology that its extreme success remains somewhat of a mystery even to its creators. The learning process involves the integration of enormous amounts of data that are themselves mind-boggling, and the processes by which computers make their own perceptual categories remain obscure.

ai3Google is known best for its AI team DeepMind. DeepMind is based in London and has a larger intention to “solve intelligence.” The DeepMind project recently attracted controversy when it recently came up that DeepMind had received the healthcare data of millions of patients as part of a partnership with the NHS to develop an alert system for kidney disease. The patients were apparently unaware that their information was going to be given to DeepMind and disconcerted by the revelation of their medical history.

DeepMind research scientist Thore Graepel attended the Zurich event and gave an update on its other high-profile project, one in which a computer program made to play the ancient Chinese game of Go (called AlphaGo) beat the world’s best human Go player, ultimately winning four out of five games.

Go players around the world have been biting at the bit to try their hands against the new AlphaGo program ever since it beat the world champion.

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