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Nomadic Tech

Posted in laptop  by Carol
July 13th, 2016

A storm is brewing that looks to fundamentally change the way we interact with society and the way we set ourselves up for whatever is next. For many years we have felt the obligation or pull to be intimately centered in a singular location and have access to the same means of information and tech in an attempt to make our lives more easily lived and closer to fray of existence and the support networks we surround ourselves with. Today that is all changing and the idea of work and home are becoming more fundamentally changed in 2016 than at any other period in human history. From the tiny home movement, or the nomadic movement, down to the very concept of working virtually, people have the freedom in their hands like never before to explore their world and still be able to live a happy and peaceful existence with a steady income and relative level of consistency. Not to mention the support of your friends and family are always only a single Skype or call away. Because of this or as a result of this people are developing some very interesting apps and mobile and wireless integrations that are really making this a lot easier to do. There is a common line of reasoning that concludes with the notion that if you are a proportionate and user of daily tech then it will result in your life being less free, not more. No doubt this can be the case, but it does not necisarily have to follow. When we look at our relationship to tech and the way we use it, we see that it is like any other tool. It all depends on the weight and attention we give to it, and the need we have to utilize it. Here isshway youresjustgay a look at some of the apps that have a big buzz around them and are changing the game of free living. First up is one called If this then that or (IFTTT) This is a super convenient app and will totally free up a lot of time you use and ultimately save you from the effort of using “recipes” to connect to different apps and various servers. It all works with more than 300 apps so the system is robust to say the least. The beauty is its simplicity to set up. All you need to do is define “if this, then that” mechanism to make a recipe. For example we can save your insta photos to dropbox, and have your Android phone automatically muted when you arrive at work, get notifications from ESPN with your favorite teams and scores, and thus automatically Tweet your Facebook status updates and much, much more. Another one that is having a lot of buzz around it is the app called Dark Sky. It takes the local weather and plays a pretty significant role in our daily lives as a result of its ability to coordinate various data points from our lives. This is one that has a lot of upside potential moving forward.

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