Google Strategy Moving Forward

Posted in Tech news  by Carol
March 10th, 2016

googleGoogle, you know it people love it, it seems like they can do no wrong as a company for gods sake when someone says they are going to search for something of the internet they say they are going to google it. This has led to the politicization of the tech company, as it became possible for it to store massive quantities of information about searches and, in the eyes of politicians, potential voters.

But as we have seen just as the band aid brand does not have a choke hold on the adhesive bandage market or how Reynolds wrap is not the largest seller when it comes to aluminum foil we can see that name recognition and even synonymous nature to the product or service in question does not ensure that you will grow. Every company even google needs to continue to grow and develop with RandD and integrated dynamic data solutions for the future for the highest level of synergy they can possibly conceive of, so if they’re going to do this, you better be sure they are going to do it right and roll out the A-team of tech to make sure they do not go quietly into that night but rather… well you know the rest.lets take a look at some of the goodness on the the bright horizon for the one they call Google. it all starts with the patents which Everyone can find a prior art for everything. So the new trick is to get judges to block devices country by country. It’s bad for innovation”.

One shot in the dark for google is their attempt to make social networking updates by comic strips. this photographic style although new for google one could argue is the oldest means of transmitting information as represented in physical form. from the caves of glasco to the hyrogliphics of mighty Egypt. Google is trying to put you in the seat as the charter an in a sense when you are like a bitmoji but on steroids it will chris angelunderstand you dispositions and expectations to responses to various stimuli, but like bitmoji the only way it will have this is by asking you to do so in response to yourself and like bitmoji we see a weird state of  self denial and personal d illusion so maybe google should go back to the drawing board. but there is something there which at the heart of all man attempts to place ourselves at the center of a narrative, and not just that a good narrative. maybe this is the most fundamental of our phenomenological relationship to ourselves. as I sit here i am thinking of myself set in a reality,  a time with dispositions, with fears ambitions and shortcomings, but in all this I at least hope to see myself in a way that is more heroic or better than I obviously am. If i could see myself at the center of an actual narrative I worry google will find that most people aren’t very interesting or at least will not be self assured of their position in the world and will result in the age old angst which is a real problem form tech.

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