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September 2nd, 2015

Importance of digital data:

Digital data stored in various hardware components play a very vital role in any form of business or personal use otherwise. The world has evolved so much so that every single information that we need today, we end up storing it in the digital form, namely, disks, CDs, DVDs, Pen drives, external hard drives, SD cards, PCs, lap tops and so on. There is not a single person today who never stores the information in its digital form – be it is personal or business, or even our day today activities like banking, ticketing etc. Todays’ world is digital world wherein we are deeply dependent on all these above mentioned hardware components to mainly store our information for daily as well as for any future use.

Damages caused to data:

All or partial digital data is lost when a damage happens to the hardware device in which it was originally stored. The nature of damage could be a physical one or a logical one caused by a break in the hardware component or a logical loss due to an operating system crash or a virus attack or overwriting a particular data by mistake or otherwise. In most of the cases, the user need not worry as there is something called data recovery option by which the lost data can be easily recovered completely or partially by using sophisticated recovery software or simply by making a mirror image of the data into another storage device for recovery as well as for any future use.

Recovery phase:

In case of lost or damaged digital data, the recovery phase plays a vital role as most of the times, the data is in a very much high need and it is very critical for further processing. Any kind of digital data loss is a big damage unless it can be recovered successfully. That’s why, in most of the critical cases where the digital data is highly crucial, the data base administrator always makes complete backups every now and then like a weekly backup, monthly backup as well as daily backups in almost all scenarios as that will make the recovery phase easier in case of any data loss. Digital data is always crucial as without that one cannot proceed further or run any kind of operation smoothly. Hence for better performance of the system, regular backups and recovery methods are always important.


To sum up, data recovery is a very crucial phase in case of any kind of digital data loss or damage to the device it has been stored. Using the latest techniques and recovery software, one can easily recover the digital data lost and store it in a safe place for future use. Data loss can happen anytime and hence the person in-charge, called the DBA or the database administer has to make regular backups of the entire digital data for smooth running of the system and operations.

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