Microsoft Playing The Long Game With A.I.

Posted in Tech news  by Carol
March 31st, 2016

Microsoft on Wednesday outlined a plan that it is going to be putting out an array of a chat bot referred to as Tay which will go down in history as one of the biggest PR blunders of all time. What started out as a bright opportunity for Microsoft to display its A.I. chops in a fun cute way through the voice of an innocent teen girl quickly a very dark pro nazi sex crazed robot that they couldn’t pull the reins on until it was way too late. Tay had put out hunders on Tweets in the manner of one day that got progressively darker and more offensive. Not only did this look bad for the fact that they content was truly abhorrent, but it revealed the fact that they did not know what the hell they were doing, it revealed an arrogance and blind spot inherent to the A.I game. The reach is going across borders.

Mr.Nadella a developer of Tay said “We quickly realized that it was not up to this mark and so we’re back to the drawing board while we continue to incubate Xiaoice and Rinnan in China and Japan and wonder why it is that social bots work there differently.” jn

Microsoft is going to still hedge its bets in this regard because frankly, they are atleast the first to fail in this areana which is itself a kind of liberating and inspired notion. no one has yet steped to the fore and said anything, its easy to critique and even harder to do. In addition to this there is a general consistence that A.I. is going to be the future and the thing is that it does not need to follow the trajectory of the form many assume. For instance Human language is the new UI [user interface] layer…Bots are the new apps. Digital assistants are like … the new browsers, and intelligence is infused into all your interactions.”

The take away of this is that anything that is going to be solving complex problems and considering an array of data to give a conses and coherent comment to a time and location on the most bare bones level is going to be considered intelligent in the widest definition of the term today. This may be the wrong approach entirely however. What some jlkjjresearchers are starting to allude to is the notion of habitual intelligence or H.I. This deals with the concept that if we are going to start with making an intelligence, we start with working with ourselves. In doing so we think of ourselves as masters of reason and deduction with the capacity to take large matters of data and reduce them to workable terms. This is wrong. When we consider what makes humans truly unique or at least what makes us, as a manner of speaking us is our capacity to fulfill habits and carry out rituals that are time and person specific that matter to us and that we matter to. In so doing we are much more likely to create and intelligence that reflects our own, everything else is vague.


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